Unseen Battles

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When I’m all alone, I’m fully alive,
days go bad when emotions arrive.

When you are sad, I feel it too.
When I am mad, It’s because of you.

They can’t read between the lines,
but I was made to read the signs.

I always feel, what you give out.
I may look quiet, but I want to shout.

Emotions eat away my energy,
and certain things replenish me.

I feel all your pain, you can not hide,
I love the light, but I, have a dark side.

© By Ephraim Audain






When I’m alone, I sit in the dark,
and I cry away my hurting heart.
Storms today, sunshine tomorrow
unbroken warrior, born in sorrow.

When I’m alone, I think a lot,
of sacrefice and prophecy,
the things I do, no one can.
No one else, except for me.

I understand and appreciate
the things they don’t and
the things that they hate.
Try and try and try again.
This power lies in all good men.

© By Ephraim Audain


The Meteorite

One night when I was taking a walk, I caught sight of a bright blue ball of fire in the sky.
“That’s weird!” I taught to myself. It was getting bigger and brighter. I eventually
heard a humming sound, it was getting louder by the second. I then realized that it
wasn’t getting bigger, it was getting closer!. “Oh $#&%!!!” I was about to run
but was instantly hit by this ball of blue fire that was probably traveling at 200 miles
per minute. The force was great and it sent me flying, I only remember waking up
and being extremely dizzy, I couldn’t feel my legs and I was bleeding badly from the
chest. I had a bad headache and could only smell blood.
There was smoke all over and pieces of glowing rocks stuck in the displaced dirt.
I tried looking for the lights of my house but was unable to see through the thick smoke.
I managed to sit up against a tree and examine myself for injuries. There was a black
stone stuck in my chest and it was smoking. My nerves were numb to the pain and I
could see that my veins were glowing bright blue. I glimpsed the lights of my house and
without hesitation ran off to it. I locked the door and began to feel light headed. I then
fell to the carpet where I passed out.
I woke up to the sound of my wind chimes and I quickly stood up. I paused for a second
and looked toward the bathroom. I quickly rushed to the bathroom and stood infront of
the mirror. I was dirty and my clothes were burnt, my eyes were also blue and I felt way
better than last night, Oh and the stone in my chest, how could I miss it. This thing had me
worried and it semed as though it merged with my skin. I acquired a knife and tried to
remove it. I was about to be in a lot of pain. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt a bit. A thick, black
stone like coating fell off to reveal a briliantly glowing, blue gemstone. I was shocked and
tried to make sense of it all but I had no idea of what it was. I later went back to the site
of my accident and on arriving there, I noticed that the area was surrounded by the military.
There were eight black SUVs and military trucks along with a dozen soldiers and about
six agents in black suits. There were scientists taking samples and readings of the supposed meteorite. The agents had MP5s and M9s and the soldiers used the Scar-H. The soldiersalso each had personal fully trained German Sheapards at their side. When I saw this myblood ran cold and I became instantly weak. I fell to the floor and tried to regain my strength.I laughed nervously while crazy taughts ran through my head. I sprinted to my house and locked the door. I then packed everything I needed including my important documentsand I went to the city. I went to a bar to try and settle my mind. I drank and drank and eventually realized that I wasn’t feeling the effects of the alcohol. My attention was then transfered to the television where the evening news was showing. “Military Aircraft Tests”. This was the headline, and they were lying. The military covered up everything but I knew their secret, well atleast their secret was with me, just literally binded with my body!!. And then I realized that they knew nothing about this meteorite, they wanted to study it’s Radioactive readings and it’s uses. I wondered constantly if they knew what exactly went on and if they would ever find out. I knew that if I went to the hospital they would find out.
So I decided to avoid the city for a while. I hitch-hiked my way to the country-side and went to my forest cabbin. The next morning, I went out to the river and sat on a log. I took off my jersey and looked at the stone. It had been completely covered over and was inside of my chest. I wondered how I was still alive and I also taught of how this thing could affect me. I tried not to study it and was on my way back to the cabbin. While walking through the forest I felt pointy teeth piercing through my flesh followed by the sting of potent venom. I was bitten by a snake. My reflexes caused me to jump and I was pitched up about fifty feet in the air and straight back down. I landed on my but and saw that the snake venom was flowing back out of the bite, the bite was rappidly healed up like nothing ever happened.
I was baffled and in great disbelief. I got up and looked to the sky. I jumped purposely
and went flying through the air with a great speed. My heart was racing and I was shocked.
I quickly learned how to controll my balance and speed in the air. I tried to discover
other abilities but they just came unexpected. The meteorite was no longer a problem.
After two weeks in the cabbin I decided to go back to the city. I went back to my house
to find that the site of the accident was completely normal and it looked like if nothing ever happened. I was impressed by how great the military had covered up this incident.
I went to a down-town bar and ordered a bottle of their strongest alcohol.
Shot after shot, nothing. I couldn’t get drunk!. I then researched the different types
of radioactive materials and what they can do to the body. I was worried but I wasn’t
dead, most important. Winter had already come in the week before but I wasn’t feeling
the effects of the coldness. In-fact my body was fairly warm in cold weather. “This is a good one”. I taught to myself as I recollect the variety of abilities this strange meteorite gave me. That night I took some “night time air”, hundreds of feet off the ground and through the clouds. I spotted a thug robbing a young lady and without hesitation I speed to her aid. While doing this I taught to myself, “I’m going to look like a hero” but I wasn’t thinking about the gun-shots I was about to get. So to make it look dramatic, I crashed down to the floor and approached the thug with confidence, and there it was “Bang Bang Bang!!!”. Three shots and he sprinted off leaving the young lady with her posessions. I was bleeding from the chest and the abdomen. And I was also on the ground trying to bear the pain. My blood was metalic blue and my veins glowed as my wounds healed. I began to see blured and all I could remember was I passed out and that I was being shaken and slapped by this young lady. I woke up in the hospital and was strapped down tightly. I became angry and my body became very hot. My hands melted through the restraining straps and the clothes I had on was set on fire. I was now completely naked and angry. I flew straight through the roof and went home. I saw my face on the news and noticed that the government wanted me. While watching the news I also saw the same young lady talking about her experience and what I did. A sketch of my face was shown and I was identified as a vigilante. I felt naked and exposed but I knew it was not her fault. I decided to continue my good deeds and help the helpless. I was doing so much crime stopping that I didn’t even remember the military was after me, and the fact that they were under the command of a selfish, whicked leader got to me.
I had crafted a suit for my “Hero Stuff”. My identity had already been leaked and I wasn’t about to stop what I did because of twisted people. One day a bank robbery caught my attention and I immediately moved in to stop it. As I was about to make my move on the escaping robbers, I was shot, twice in the back. I healed back quickly but I couldn’t move. I felt extremely helpless as secret service agents and mercenaries surrounded me and approached. I was greeted with gun-buts
and tasers. I was treated differently because they didn’t understand me and they wanted to study me, after-all, I had the biggest piece of the puzzle they were trying to put together. It was inside me.I tried to stand but I couldn’t. I struggled to get on my knees as they shot me with tranquilizers and rubber bullets at close range.

In all this pain and agony I managed to raise my head to see a crowd of civilians looking in pity as if they wanted to help me, but couldn’t. There was a little girl just standing there looking at me with tears in her eyes as she hugged her mom’s leg with one arm and her teddy bear in the next. When I saw this time slowed down and tears just poured out of my eyes as I taught to myself.”The strong help the weak, but who will help the strong ?”. And the answer came to me as I raised my head to the sky. ” There is no weak, there is no strong, everyone is capable in their own way”.The emotions of the citizens gave me reason to believe that I was appreciated and that I wasn’t alone although I may be different.
My heart rate doubled and my veins began to glow, I could no longer feel the tasers and the projectiles.I stood up and walked through the surrounding agents effortlessly. They were shocked and immediately stood down. Their leader however incisted that I must be restrained. I looked at him and walked over to him. He was afraid but also wasn’t going to be embarrased by his inability to control me. He took out an agent’s
side arm and shot at my head but the bullet was stopped with great speed by an electric arc that appeared with a great force. He tried to shoot innocent protesters but was then arrested by the by-standing police and taken away. I calmly walked to the middle of the bank’s parking- lot, knelt and hung my head. I was extremely exhausted and blown away at the same time. I heard the sound of cheers and clapping growing behind me as hands touched me gently on my shoulders. The taught of all these strangers appreciating me was overwhelming and highly emotional. I rested for a while in the company of friendly civilians and then shot into the sky. I had accomplished a task not possible by physical strength alone but by the power of the mind and humanity of people who really care.

Wild Imagination

It was a cold, gloomy evening when I was sitting on a bench at the park,being
beaten by the huge drops of torrential rain.My head was hung,looking between
my feet into a puddle of murky water.I was sad and depressed and thinking of
all the regrets in my life,I wished for another chance,for a new beginning. At
that very instant,the puddle of water grew into a huge whirlpool and sucked me
straight out of my seat.My heart was beating at a hundred miles per minute
and adrenaline was rushing through my veins.I noticed that I began to fall from
the sky.After falling for a few seconds,I saw below me,what looked like trees but
they had a weird appearance.At this point, I was completely freaking out and in
need of a diaper.I was so freaked out that I passed out in mid air.I remember
waking up and felling extremely hung over.I scurried up and looked about my
surroundings.Everything was different.It was clear that I was in a forest,but no
forest that I have ever seen looked like this.The trees were widely spread with
yellow leaves and blue trunks with black stripes! The grass was orange and it
sparkled as if sprinkled with glitter.There were other plants that were also very
weird looking.I heard a loud,deep grunt and without hesitation I scaled a tree.
About two hundred yards away from me, I spotted a strange-looking creature.
It was feeding on fruit that had fallen from the same trees.This creature had
a keen resemblance to that of a rhino but it was green and had six legs,no tail,
black eyes and two more horns like a bull.It was also very muscular.I noticed the
fruit to be black with the shape of a melon,inside was fleshy and milky white.
I taught to myself that the creature was a vegetarian and I didn’t worry as much
as before.I caught sight of one of these fruit,it was the size of two huge melons.
I positioned myself to pick one, hunger was killing me.It was really tough to pick
so I implemented the use of my pocket knife.After a few notches, I planted my
hands on it with the most desperate grasp and tugged with all my strength.
This fruit weighed about sixty pounds and it took me with it,crashing to the
ground.I fell for a fruit! I was so hungry,that I didn’t even feel the fall. My victim
on the other hand was surely conquered.I immediately started to gorge myself
on the milky white flesh, it had a texture like marshmallows and it tasted like fudge.
It was semi-sweet and had one huge seed inside.This thing was delicious.
After fulling my tank, I looked up to see two huge, black eyes looking at me!
I wanted to sprint, but I couldn’t, I froze and goosebumps riddled my body along
with a heavy cold sweat.This thing was going to eat me,and I was going to die!
Well at least that’s what I was thinking. It’s nostrils blasted me with a strong gust
of air and it ran off.I was shaking like a leaf. I seriously needed to find a place to
shelter and hide from whatever else was running wild out there.After walking very
cautiously for some time, I came across a river, surprisingly, the water in this river
was actually water.I followed the river to a plain where there were structures that
looked like century towers,they were connected by a massive tan wall.At that very
moment, I was knocked out cold from behind.I remember being conscious for five
seconds, everything was blurred but I remember being dragged through huge
gates.They were made of large connected spikes,the material resembled ivory
but it had to be way tougher.The next time I awoke, I was hanging up-side down.
I immediately started to panic, but I remembered my pocket knife.When I looked
below me..there it was! I was beating about like a fish out of water. suddenly I
heard a chop and I fell to the ground. I was instantly surrounded by eight foot tall
human looking beings.Their skin colour was dark tan with white tiger stripes,they
had pointed ears and blue beautiful eyes,their hairs were silver and their
k-nine teeth were large but not pertruding.Everything else about them was human
like,they were also half-naked and communicating in a foreign language.They
took me to what I would call their chief.He was decorated with strange crystals
and piercings and tattoos.It was clear that they were deciding what to do with me.
While they were arguing, I caught sight of my pocket knife and I retrieved it.
I was grabbed up by a slightly decorated male individual of their tribe.I observed
that he had a tattoo of a circle around his eye. The chief also had this. He held
me up with one hand by my legs and made a comment,there was a outroar of
laughter, he then dropped me like a hot potato and walked away.I saw the chief
consulting with other highly decorated individuals.They finally came to a conclusion
and took me to an elder that looked like a shaman.He led me to a hut ,which inside
was very mysterious and organized. There were weird smells in the air along with
strange objects,plants,herbs,crystals,potions and a whole arsenal of mystical
items.He mixed some crushed herbs with a bright green powder and blew it
straight into my face.I started to cough continually and lost my breath. I then
fell to my knees and pleaded for help. “You would be fine” he said. I was shocked
and couldn’t believe that he could talk English. I asked him where I was but there
was no answer.I then fell asleep and had weird dreams that made no sense at all.
When I woke up, it was already night. I was in a room that was clearly for royalty.
It was illuminated by brightly glowing plants that looked as if they were swaying.
The roof of the room was brown and spotted with glowing moss,it rolled back like
a scroll to reveal the night sky,it was unbelievably beautiful.The stars seemed
bigger and brighter,some were pink and some were blue.I was star striken.
I stood up and caught a glance through a window across the room, I saw one
of those things looking at me and another one came up behind him to look.
I slowly lifted my hand and waved at them, one of them waved back strangely at
the same time.I turned around to find someone behind me, looking at me like
I was crazy. I jumped back and hit my head on the window that was actually a
mirror! It shattered and fell to the floor . I leaped across the room and ran to a
balcony.It was really high off the ground. The same individual approached me
and asked, “Why are you here!”. I turned around slowly to see a female of the
tribe.She was strangely attractive and had the same circle around her eye.
I asked, “Who are you ?,… Where am I !?..What have you done to me ?”.
She explained to me that the only way for them to know who I was,would have
been to transform me into one of their own. I became weak as I realised
that it was actually me in the so-called window. No wonder I was understanding
their language. I slowly turned back around and tried to settle my taughts.
I looked up at the sky to the stars and realized that I got what I asked for, another
chance at life.I became excited and answered all her questions and she answered
mine. I learned that the circle around their eyes symbolized royal blood.
The chief was her father.His name was Mal-ut-et. Her brother was the one that
held me up by my leg, his name was Mal-et-uk. And her name was Mel-ur-ay.
The creepy man was their shaman or witch doctor and there was a lot more to be
learnt. Mel-ur-ay’s duty was to teach me about their people,land and ways.
I learnt about all animals, prey and predator.All plants and herbs and materials.
They used spears to hunt and knives to protect themselves.The spears were made
from the same Ivory looking material.It was as hard as steel.Mel-ur-ay taught me
to become a hunter and I was learning quickly.One evening after coming from
the river , we heard a loud cry followed by a deep piercing roar.She looked at me
with sorrow in her eyes ,grabbed her spear and sprinted off toward the settlement.
I quickly followed,not knowing what to expect, I simply prepared for anything.
When we arrived we saw a great crowd, surrounding the chief and five of his dying
guards .The chief was bleeding from his mouth and chest,he also had many puncture
wounds.There were destroyed buildings and injured individuals.The chief passed away after
talking with his two children.I had no idea of what went on.The chiefs son took up
his fathers spear as tears ran out his eyes and Mel-ur-ay knelt beside her father
and looked to the sky while tears flow down her face. I distanced myself from
them for some time so that they coud mourn. After a few days, I went to Mal-et-uk
and Mel-ur-ay and expressed my condolences. They took me to a room
where there were many scrolls and paintings and books.I noticed that one of
the paintings had a human being in it. It was me,in a prophecy. I was transformed
into one of their kind to slay a beast known as the Sa-du-re. I looked at this thing
and it was not in the slightest way even a bit natural.It was huge ,it was really huge.
This thing was built like a tiger with hooves,horns and it was completely white ,it
had huge scales all over its body and it’s tongue was forked.I also heard that it’s
saliva could cause paralasis.I was re-thinking why I even fell out of the sky!
The shaman told me that I would have to initiate my power by performing a ritual.
He said that if I am really the chosen one,then I wouldn’t die!?. although I was
confident,I didn’t want to die and leave them to suffer by the wrath of the Sa-du-re.
That was my conscience talking.That very night, I was stripped naked and given a
potion to drink, after this I fell asleep and was thrown into an underground pond
of thick green liquid. My body was drained of all energy and I saw the shaman in
a vision.He guided me through the spirit world to a garden.There was a pure white
flower growing from a black plant.He told me to pick the flower and eat it,but
never touch the plant itself. I was cautious enough to pick the flower and I ate it.
Immediately, I felt like I was on some kind of crazy drug or maybe just paranoid.
It was so sour that tears ran out my eyes.When the tears fell on the plant,it became
white.I woke up and started to swim to the surfae.There I saw Mel-ur-ay and she
let out a sigh of relief and helped me out of the liquid.The shaman told me that
I would not die when in combat against the Sa-du-re,but I will most certainly feel
the pain.He then gave me a serum to resist the paralysis of the Sa-du-re’s saliva.
I was given a strong spear pointed with a special crystal.It was to be driven into
the heart of the Sa-du-re.The other villagers were all preparing to protect themselves
and Mal-ut-et was busy preparing re-enforcement . Mel-ur-ay and I took
a walk that night and she told me more about the prophecy.She mentioned that
her brother would become the new chief because he was the first-born.
She would inherit half of the kingdom and she would control the people and
their needs.If I defeat this beast, I might become the legendary Warrior.
The next morning I woke up to the sound of a loud roar.I knew that this was it.
I was questioning everything and I was extremely uneasy and nervous.
We scrambled into our positions and waited quietly.I heard trees being pushed
down in the distance and eventually saw a huge!,white,hump moving through
the yellow leaves.It finally entered into the open and was greeted with spears.
The spears were futile to the thick scales of the beast.I ran to a closer position and
tried to hide behind some bushes. While hiding I noticed that a spear made it between
the scales of he beast and it was bleeding. I took my opportunity and ran to the
back of the Sa-du-re and grabbed hold of its tail. I pulled myself up and held on to
the spear that was protruding from its wound, I drew my knife and repeatedly
stabbed it in the wound.This pissed him off big time.He shook me off and all I saw
was six rows of pointy teeth chomping down on my leg.I cried out in pain while
being ragged about in the air after being flung into a tree and falling thirty feet
to the ground.At this point,I was questioning the shaman’s statement about not
dying.Remarkably, I was healed within seconds,and had more energy than before.
I was stronger and faster and I had no fear,it was unbelievable.
I got up and threw the spear at the beast’s heart.It was hit out of its path by another
spear.By this time the Sa-du-re was causing mass devastation and destruction and
it had made its way through the wall. The villagers were beginning to retreat .
I glanced across to my left and saw Mal-ut-et lying motionless,my first reaction
was to rush to his aid. When I was arrived at his side, he was in bad condition.
He was bitten by the Sa-du-re and he was also knocked out and bleeding.
I shouted for the shaman but he was helping Mel-ur-ay, she was also injured.
I quickly acquired a leaf from a plant that had healing properties.I applied it to
his wounds and within seconds the leaf merged with his skin and grew back the
destroyed tissue.I heard screaming and shouting in the capital of the village.
The Sa-du-re was destroying everything and killing dozens of people.I was day
dreaming for a second and eventually came to my senses.For the first time I
had felt like I was one with this civilization,because the pain and hurt and sorrow
soaked into my soul.I felt committed to protecting them at any cost. I armed myself
with the crystal spear and made my way quickly to the capital of the village.
There I saw the Sa-du-re, it was wounded in many areas and was more angry than before.
I drew its attention to myself and stood still.While it was walking slowly toward me,
I began to recollect my entire life as rivers of tears ran down my face.
I slowly dismantled the spear and held the glowing blue crystal shard in my hands.
“Real sacrifices are made by real heroes” I taught to myself as huge jaws came
chomping down on me.There was only darkness and the smell of ammonia.
I was eventually in the belly of the beast,I sliced my way through and made my way
toward the beating of the heart.It became stronger and stronger and eventually I was being
sandwiched between the heart and the lungs,I sliced the heart with the crystal and
drove it deep into the centre. Blood was everywhere and the heart immediately stopped
beating.There was only silence,I was drowning in blood while trying to make my way
out of the beast’s body. I used my lucky pocket knife to cut my way through the thick skin
between the beast’s scales and pulled the top half of my body out.I passed out while
hearing the faded cheers of the tribe.I eventually woke up,it was very bright,I stood up
and fell to the ground,I was weak and sore and I was extremely hungry.The floor was
cold and hard,I was in a hospital room.I kept quiet until I had been discharged and
often taught about the tribe and the time I enjoyed, I also had thoughts of doubt and
disbelief.One morning after breakfast I caught a glance of my lucky pocket knife,
I took it up and looked at it while memories flooded my head.I threw on my hoody
and walked to the park.I planted myself on the very same bench and looked down between
my feet, the dust and leaves swirled around in the wind as I taught of returning to my
new life. A blade of orange grass that glittered in the sunlight protruded out of a little
crack in the ground.I plucked it out and at that very moment began to fall from the sky.
I felt my body transforming and I closed my eyes while cracking a smile of satisfaction.